HND Music Technology and Sound Engineering

Music Technology and Sound Engineering HND


 Study inside a REAL Music Industry Organisation

★ Learn from Industry Expert Tutors and Guest Lecturers

☆ Access Industry-Level Studios and Pro Recording Equipment

★ Join our Alumni Graduated over Two Decades

☆ Link into our Wider Music Industry Networks

The UK music industry contributes £5.2 billion to the economy, employing over 190,000 professionals. Start your new career by completing Higher Rhythm’s HND Music Technology course.

A successful career in the booming music industry relies on the networks you build. The wider your network is, and the more people know what you’re good at, the more work opportunities you will have.

To be able to establish your reputation as music industry professional as early as possible you therefore need to study in a place where you can develop this vital network and gain real-industry experience as an integral part of your course.

The music industry can also be complex, but the professionals who work in it are best placed to tell how it really works. The best way to develop the skills needed to succeed in the industry, is to work alongside these professionals in real industry settings and to have access to the kind of equipment real professionals use.

Why study at Higher Rhythm?

Instead of being burdened with 3 years of debt from a college course, then spending another few years building the industry experience you need to get regular work, you can get your certificate, grow your network, and build professional experience at the same time on Higher Rhythm’s HND, graduating industry-ready in just 2 years.

Higher Rhythm is a high-profile music industry organisation with 20 years experience training real pros. With us, you study in real recording studios filled with high-end equipment (such as the SSL Origin console shown below).

We also run a record label, a radio station, and our course tutors and guest lecturers have worked with the biggest names in music. These include, Sir George Martin, The Rolling Stones, Phil Selway, Idlewild, Skinny Pelembe, Editors, Lou Reed, Sting, and many more….

This vast experience links you with real industry as an integral part of your course. 

SSL Origin

We have delivered courses for 20 years, producing highly-skilled pros who’ve gone on to work in all corners of the music industry. We don’t just want to get you through a qualification; our HND Music Technology and Sound Engineering is a brand-new higher education offer in the UK Music Industry and we’re committed to giving you the skills and experience you need to be at the front of the queue for getting paid work as soon as you graduate from the course. 

Our HND in Music Technology and Sound Engineering will give you the relevant professional skills and open the door to the UK music industry

Start Date: September annually
Duration: 2 Years
Timetable: 2 Days per week
Places: 12 Per Year Group
Location: Higher Rhythm HQ in Doncaster
Cost: £5975 per Year

HND Course Structure and Units

The Music Industry
The music industry is ever-evolving with a variety of areas that interact with each other. Students wishing to earn money must be aware of the complexities and the structure of this industry, and the potential income opportunities available to them.
Marketing and Promotion
This unit will provide students with a ‘toolkit’ of information about freelancing and marketing activities they can use to further their career in the music industry.
Professional Development
Students will explore the potential avenues of employment related to their specialism. They will also build an awareness of how to present themselves to the market place and embark on the journey of professional development.
Applied Sound Principles
Topics in this unit include the properties of sound waves and the harmonic series, the anatomy of the human ear and how sound is perceived, calculating room dimensions and standing waves, creating and applying impulse response samples.
Recording Technology
Students completing this unit will develop competence with the audio equipment used to record audio to industry standards and be comfortable with the pre-production planning that helps make a recording session successful.
Creative Software Techniques
Topics in the unit include, MIDI sequencing, Virtual Instruments, Audio Recording and Editing, Software Synths, Mixing in the box, Beat programming and Loop-based sequencing.
Sound Engineering Fundamentals
The aim of this unit is to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of sound engineering concepts and practices. This includes, the role of a sound engineer, and becoming accustomed to fundamental techniques used by professional sound engineers.
Creative Research Project
This core unit will equip students from any area of interest with core research skills. Completion of this dissertation will demonstrate the academic requirements to progress into Level 6.
Advanced Sound Engineering
Students will develop skills planning, setting up, problem solving and delivery capabilities of the sound engineer, and produce two high-quality productions.
Advanced Music Production
Topics include DAW operation, critical listening and analysis, advanced sequencing, editing, manipulation and arrangement, virtual instruments and effects, advanced synthesis and sampling.
Mixing and Mastering
The techniques examined will give the students experience of preparing an audio product to a professional standard for multiple systems and media formats.
Creative Portfolio
The creative portfolio will act as an industry CV. Students will also be supported to showcase their product ideas to an industry panel.
Live Mixing
Students will be able to create stage plans and technical rider for music artists, build a complete PA system suitable for the performance of music, and demonstrate the ability to create a front of House (FOH) and monitor mix.
Advanced Sound Design for Interactive Media
Topics included are sound design for non-linear media, understanding games and game parameters, sound spatialisation in interactive environments, interactive mixing, file compression and memory budgets.


What equipment will I need? None, because we have it all! (Including a number of iPads and MacBooks which can be booked out.
What does a timetable look like? Two full days per week over two full academic years, plus additional learning enrichment and professional development activities.
Are there any other costs? We have a library but you may wish to buy your own copies of specific books which we can recommend.
Are there any entry requirements? A level 3 qualification (BTEC or A-level) or 64 UCAS points. Mature applicants (aged 21+) with suitable experience may be accepted without qualifications. An interview is conducted before offering you a place.
What support is available? The course leader and Higher Rhythm staff will support you throughout the course. We are also experts at supporting additional learning needs. If you need additional support, just let us know.
What could I go on to after the course? Progression onto a one year top-up degree or employment in the music industry. Jobs include: studio engineering, music production, live sound, events promotion, creative media, music publishing, AV industries, artist management… the list keeps growing.

Complete the EOI form below to reserve your place on Higher Rhythm’s Music Technology HND (qual. number 603/2274/3). PLEASE NOTE: There are only 12 places available each year.

For students to be eligible for funding from Student Finance England, they must be studying on an eligible course at a provider registered with the Office for Students (OfS). The OfS is the independent regulator for higher education in England and all higher education providers need to register with the OfS for their students to be eligible for student support in the 2021-22 academic year. The OfS will start publishing providers on its Register from July 2021. We have made an application to register and expect a decision by April 2021. No provider will be able to confirm whether student support is available until it has a decision from the OfS. Visit for more information.

Meet some of our team below

Andy Seward - Lead Tutor

An award winning producer, engineer and musician who has worked for decades, with some of the biggest names in the industry, Andy has a long list of production and playing credits on huge selling records and is a holder of a prestigious, Sony Gold Award. Andy will bring the real industry into every session and is always willing to give you expert tips that would take 30 years of experience in the industry to discover for yourself. Time after time, clients working with Andy in our studio have said that they “learned more in a day in the studio with Andy than they did in their 3 year degree…” and this is why Andy is the perfect lead tutor for our groundbreaking HND.

Dan Whitehouse - Course Leader

With a career as a published music artist and outstanding studio engineer and having a wide grounding in teaching music industry subjects at Further and Higher Education, Dan is the course leader for our HND and is first port of call for course enquiries and content.  Dan has been involved in the design of our HND since day one and will be able to answer the kind of questions that other people can’t…

Yve Robinson - Guest Lecturer

Yve’s career spans decades at the highest level of the recording industry, managing Air Studios in Montserrat for Sir George Martin. The studio recorded dozens of platinum selling albums such as, The Police’s Ghost in the Machine and Synchronicity, Dire Straights’ Brothers in Arms, and The Rolling Stones’ Steel Wheels (to name just a few…). there’s nothing Yve doesn’t know about managing a studio and working with top tier artists. Yve, who is from Doncaster and also a member of Higher Rhythm’s board, will bring her vast expertise around managing high-value recording commissions and working with clients with, often challenging, technical (and personal…) demands to create award winning music.

Skinny Pelembe - Guest Lecturer

Born in South Africa, raised in Doncaster, and now based in London, Skinny Pelembe is signed to Giles Peterson’s Brownswood Label and is cited as one of the UK’s most promising artists, racking up daily plays on BBC national radio, sell out tours, and major festivals appearances. Using DIY production for the unique video and graphics which accompany his own music, Skinny will deliver sessions around using techniques and basic tools to present music and video as a single product.

Stew Baxter - Guest Lecturer

Drummer of the Hull based band, LIFE, Stew has played venues and festivals around the world as a successful music artist and has a long background in music industry development in his own city and beyond. Stew will guest lecture on where music artists fit in, within the various parts and levels of the industry, to help develop a broader understanding of how the wider industry functions around its ‘most important product’.

Ellie Giles - Guest Lecturer

With a previous background working in A&R for major labels, Ellie has carved a successful career managing artists / music producers for the past decade, and founding her own agency, Step Music Management, who manage award winning producers who have worked for artists such as Adele, Jake Bugg, Iggy Pop, Beyonce, Liam Gallager, Paul McCartney, Placebo and countless others! Ellie will bring her vast experience around artists, labels and producers to deliver master-classes on how these industry sectors all fit together to create the music you listen to.

Stewart Taverner - Guest Lecturer

One of the world’s top repairers of vintage ribbon microphones, keeping mics working for artists such as LCD Soundsystem and leading studios worldwide. Stewart recently launched Extinct Audio, manufacturing his own ribbon mics. Extinct Audio are outperforming the most established brands and have received rave reviews in respected industry mags Sound on Sound and Tape Op. Stewart will deliver workshops on the importance of electronics in audio production, looking at equipment in detail to reveal the secrets behind achieving the highest quality sound reproduction.

Help Musicians UK - Guest Lecturer

Help Musicians UK (HMUK) is the leading UK charity for professional musicians of all genres. HMUK help’s at times of crisis, but also at times of opportunity, giving people the extra support, they need at a crucial stage that could make or break their career. The charity will provide the HND with sessions on how to apply for grant funding, as well as sharing information about services that can help to maintain wellbeing as a music industry professional.

Suzanne Chesterton - Guest Lecturer

A multi-award winning music & radio producer with 20 years industry experience including working for the BBC and Capital FM. Suzanne has worked with artists such as Paul van Dyk to produce some of the world’s biggest radio shows.  Suzanne works at Distorted Productions, producing content that reaches audiences of 8 million per month across 450 radio stations and outlets worldwide. Suzanne will bring her expertise around digital content distribution and radio promotion to our HND as a guest lecturer.

Timm Cleasby - Guest Lecturer

Operations Director of Tramlines festival and a tour manager who has worked on world tours with artists such as the Arctic Monkeys. Timm has enjoyed a high profile career in and around live music and will bring his expertise in this area through guest-lectures which will explore the mechanics of the live music industry and what goes into running successful music events.

Dan Jones (PRS for Music) - Guest Lecturer

Dan Jones is PRS for Music’s Outreach Manager for the North of England, working in the Membership department at PRS for Music for over a decade. acting as a point of contact for members, speaking at music industry seminars, and hosting PRS for Music events and advice sessions. Dan will bring his vast expertise around music royalties and publishing to our HND as a guest lecturer.

Neil McSweeney - Guest Lecturer

Neil teaches the MA Music Management at Sheffield University. He and has a background as a touring songwriter and performer, alongside co-founding independent label Hudson Records. His guest lectures will explore opportunities for music makers and music managers to be proactive in shaping the future of the music industry.

Sofia Genders - Guest Lecturer

Co-founder of the award winning, End Of The Road Festival, artist manager, concert promoter and record label executive. Sofia Genders, brings a wealth of knowledge and professional music industry experience. Sofia will deliver guest-lectures with a focus on the independent spirit that can help establish a successful and rewarding music career.




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