Distributed Artists

Sitting alongside our record label, our digital distribution gets artist’s music into over 650 stores and streaming platforms globally

We’ve deconstructed our record label to offer distribution as a standalone offer for free to emerging artists.

Using a simple uploader, artists can submit tracks and artwork themselves. Effectively this supports emerging music artists to start (and run) their own artist-controlled record labels. 

Artists can release / sell singles, EP’s and albums, whilst we handle the boring admin. Distributed artists get to keep 100% of net income from sales. 

Listen to the Spotify playlist of a small selection of distributed artists music and artist controlled record labels we’ve released.

Below are some more of the artists and labels we’ve released music for, alongside the tracks we distributed / monetised for them:

A Dash of Spirituality EP Psychomantics
Straight Gay Brother Single The Strangerz
roses Single Explicare
I Will Single Chaka Demus
Failing Youths Single Sikka
Moonsong In Morning Single R.Loomes
Child of the Earth EP Psychomantics
Glassheart LP Glassheart
Take Me Away Single August Charles
Metanoia Single Psychomantics
Scummy Single Headspace
All Of Which Makes Me Anxious; At Times unbearably so Single Pocketwatch
Disney Eyes EP Asher Freeman
Victim Card EP Victim Card
Beast + Me Single Explicare
Art Supplies Single Lottie Crooks
Style Nuh Touch Single Murray Man
Style Nuh Touch Single Joseph Cotton
Dancehall Vibes Single Junior Cat
Wonder of Science Single The Carousels
Anthony and Rita Single Andy Whitehouse
Forgotten Single Lottie Crooks
Good to be back EP The Carousels
Dance Haffi Keep Single Dignitary Stylish
Burn Single LIO
New Idea Single Dignitary Stylish
30 Orbits EP Kid Conventional
Intergalactic Blues EP The Carousels
Thankful SINGLE Peppery
Salvation SINGLE Kid Conventional
Home SINGLE Luke Todd
Hera and Soul SINGLE Cheshire Cat
Lead the Way SINGLE Pad Anthony
Dark Energy SINGLE Dark Static
Today SINGLE Paul Littlewood
She a fe get it SINGLE H. Wallace
Non Stop SINGLE Junior Cat
Herb a be fun SINGLE Daddy Shark
Come Home Keithy B SINGLE Electrofurnace
Gone SINGLE The Carousels
Psychosis SINGLE Goodbye Graceful
Mountain SINGLE Luzon Valley Fearless
By the Riverside EP Mommas Days are Done
Natural Instinct SINGLE Goodbye Graceful
Mexican Man EP The Carousels
Something of the Sound SINGLE The Silver Darlings
Kings of the Setting Sun SINGLE Nick Akester
I will never be an astronaut EP Kid Conventional
Ghost in the Picture, Watch ALBUM Paul Littlewood
Almost Home ALBUM Andy Whitehouse
Who’s that kid? ALBUM Sus Sykes
Television SINGLE Paul Littlewood
Torch Songs SINGLE Deadfall
Torch Songs SINGLE Her Name is Calla
Torch Songs SINGLE Post War Glamour Girls
Mindset Is Fear SINGLE Skinny Pelembe
Spidercrawl SINGLE The Carousels
Airbag SINGLE Jack the Rapper
Peter Raeney SINGLE The Silver Darlings
Who I is SINGLE 13 Women
Setting Sun SINGLE Luzon Valley Fearless
Goodbye Graceful EP EP Goodbye Graceful
The Wireless Relay Service ALBUM Paul Littlewood
About rain and Buildings EP Ben Underwood
Fire and Rain SINGLE Paul Littlewood and Neil McSweeney
Go Home Now SINGLE Surpreme Leaders
Watermark SINGLE The Silver Darlings
Come Closer SINGLE The Hearts
Dark Static SINGLE Dark Static
Romance Me SINGLE The Resistance
Last star of the Century SINGLE Luzon Valley Fearless
What is this Salty Discharge? ALBUM The Carousels
War EP Fallen Trees
Black Moon EP Eastern Seaboard Radio Station
You told me SINGLE The Kingz
Roxy (Live at Tramlines) SINGLE Knaves
No Promises SINGLE Kid Conventional
Tunnel Drive SINGLE Mundo Magique
Blue Futures SINGLE Mundo Magique
Golden Live at Tramlines SINGLE Jack The Rapper
Take it from me’ Live at Tramlines SINGLE Surpreme Leaders
She’ Live at Tramlines SINGLE Vendettas
The Carousels EP The Carousels
Poison Pen EP Passion Play
Spiderwebs SINGLE Bi:Lingual
Long Island Iced Tea SINGLE Vendettas
Long Island Iced Tea (Live) SINGLE Vendettas
Little Ray SINGLE Knaves
That was that one now here’s this one SINGLE Callum Pitt
Shoulda Left You Alone (DatA Remix) SINGLE Jack The Rapper
In TV Land SINGLE Surpreme Leaders
Love Disaster EP EP The Carousels
Everything a Lie SINGLE Hollow Son
Hunted SINGLE Kid Conventional
Welcome to the Sugarcane Club (20 year Anniversary Edition) ALBUM The Carousels
The Truth SINGLE Bam Morgan
Mid Summer SINGLE Bam Morgan
Hold You SINGLE Bam Morgan
Cutting Ties SINGLE Bam Morgan
Heavy Beaten Soul SINGLE Mundo Magique
Don’t Cry SINGLE Mundo Magique
Caroline SINGLE The Undecided
In Love SINGLE Joe Pointon Ft Jamie Harker
Ghost SINGLE The Mighty and The Moon
Hard Rain Blues SINGLE Soulcatcher and His Doofa Diddley Band
Lid With No Box SINGLE Soulcatcher and His Doofa Diddley Band
Broken Town SINGLE The Mighty and The Moon
Smile SINGLE RockToArt
45 SINGLE Danny Landau
Maps EP Kid Conventional
Original Style SINGLE RockToArt
Weissmüller SINGLE Mangabros
Who Says There’s No Beach in Doncaster? EP The Darlingtons
All My Friends (Live) SINGLE The Beaus
La La La EP Rob Doherty
Meanwhile Uptown SINGLE The Beaus
Ilkla Moor Baht ‘At (Ilkley Moor) SINGLE Voices For Yorkshire
All’s Well That Ends Well SINGLE The Beaus
Seeing Red SINGLE Kelly Louise
8493 EP Demographic
Without Spells SINGLE Diamond Velocity
Oh My Lord SINGLE The Beaus
Laughter and Bang SINGLE The Beaus
Rush SINGLE Against Our End
Par Bellum LP Undead Fury
Fat Belly Bass EP Anti Vibes
Afro Toady Style EP Afro Toadypuss
Dark Zone EP Low Sec
Survival EP Mr Squiz
Wonderlust SINGLE Hypophore
Everything Is Nothing SINGLE The Beaus
Gravina Street EP Electric Violence
Year of the Synth EP Kelly Louise
Mission 1 EP Tha DUAL
Xposure EP Beatz 32
Attack of the Stoner Zombie Killer Kids LP Steel Trees
Presence SINGLE Alice At Last
Sounds to Soothe EP Stephen Harrison
Talkin Strangers EP Talkin Strangers
Get Sorted LP Vigilante
Feel Alive (Remixes) EP SUPERfreak
Easy Money EP SUPERfreak
1 2 3 4 5 SINGLE Marc Lord ft Racquel R
All’s Well That Ends Well SINGLE The Beaus
We Are Ready SINGLE Hope City
Zero EP SUPERfreak
Touch SINGLE Taurus
Untold EP Urnacation
Baby Don’t Go SINGLE Kiziah and the Kings
Hottest State EP The Hottest State
The Truth SINGLE Elephant Keys
Girl at the Spar SINGLE Searching 4 Evidence
Cappuccino Swagger EP The Beaus
I Am A SINGLE Yo Yo Static and the Shockettes
Uberliebe LP Slash Bikini
Lazing In The Sun EP Derren Boulton & Jacques Lewis