Music We Recorded

Music we recorded solid state logic meter bridge

Below is a small selection of music, recorded by Higher Rhythm. Most were recorded at the studio, but there are a couple of location recordings also.

We’ve recorded artists of just about every genre over 21 years. A lot of singer songwriter, and electronica artists come through, but we can do justice to just about anything. We regularly record music for release for artists and for record for labels.

Our main studio is built around an SSL Origin 32 channel analogue mixing console. Blending the best of analogue and digital, we use Universal Audio Apollo converters and a Mac running Pro Tools Ultimate.  

Use the player below to select and listen to the tracks. If you like the sound of some music we recorded, please consider using the buy links to support the artists.

You can use the links on the right of this page for more music from artists on our different artist development programmes.