Public Policies

Higher Rhythm operates a wide range of policies and procedures to assure the quality of our services and provide an outstanding customer experience.

Please follow the active links below to access our public policies, which are relevant to delivering training, Further Education and Higher Education programmes.

Management and Governance Policy
Academic Governance Framework
Access and Participation Statement
Student Protection Plan
Refund and Compensation Policy for Higher Education
Learner Complaints Procedure
Learner Appeals Policy and Procedure
Consumer Protection Policy
Customer Complaint Policy and Procedure
Enrolment Process Guide and Commitment to HE Programme Applicants
Terms and Conditions for Taught Students
Government Advice on Student Rights

Our full range of current policies is visible in the table below. Additional to the active linked policies above which can be directly downloaded, a copy of any of our policies can be requested at any time by emailing  allowing 5 working days for request to be actioned and provided that the requesting party provides their name, date of birth, street address, and reason for requesting. Any data provided will be treated confidentially, in line with our privacy policy.

Policy No. Title
1.0 Beneficiary Recruitment Policy
2.0 Child Protection Policy Statement
2.1 Child Protection Code of Good Practice
3.0 Disability Policy
4.0 Code of Practice on Harassment and Bullying
5.0 Equality and Diversity Statement
5.1 Equality and Diversity Policy
5.2 Race Equality Policy
6.0 Finance Policy
7.0 Grievance Policy
7.1 Learner Complaint Procedure
7.2 Allegations of Abuse against Staff
7.3 Customer Complaint Policy and Procedure
7.4 Consumer Protection Policy
8.0 Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy
9.0 (a) Health and Safety Policy Statement
9.0 (b) Health and Safety Statement
9.1 (a) Health and Safety Organisations and Arrangements
9.1 (b) Health and Safety Policy
9.2 (a) Fire Safety Arrangements
9.2 (b) Fire Safety Arrangements at XP School
9.3 How to deal with Injuries, Accidents and Serious Medical Emergencies
9.4 Reporting of Accidents, Incidents and Occupational Ill- Health
9.5 General Conduct
9.6 Office Safety
9.7 Reporting Health and Safety Concerns
9.8 Electrical Safety     
9.9 Manual Handling
9.10 Working Outside Normal Hours
9.11 Service Personnel and Visitors
9.12 Managing Contractors     
9.13 Guide on the Use of Interactive Whiteboards
9.14 DSE Policy
9.15 COSSH Policy
9.16 Noise Policy
9.17 Lone Working Policy
10.0 Invoicing Policy
11.0 Service Delivery Standards for Individuals
11.1 Service Delivery Standards for Organisations
12.0 Staff Development and Training Policy
13.0 Staff Recruitment and Selection Code of Practice
14.0 Vulnerable Adults Policy Statement
14.1 Vulnerable Adults Code of Good Practice
14.2 Vulnerable Adults Procedure
14.3 Safeguarding, Children & Vulnerable Young Adults Protection Policy
15.0 Expenses Policy
16.0 Work Life Balance
17.0 Data Protection / GDPR Compliant / FOIA Policy
18.0 Criminal Records Policy Statement
19.0 Induction
19.1 Induction Checklist
20.0 Resignation and Periods of Notice
21.0 Absence Through Illness
22.0 Work Experience Placements
23.0 Confidentiality Policy
23.1 Confidentiality Statement
24.0 Work at Height Policy
25.0 Faith Policy
26.0 Equal Pay Policy
27.0 Compassionate and Bereavement Leave Policy
28.0 Sustainable Development Policy
29.0 Reserves Policy
30.0 Quality Policy
31.0 Environmental Management System
32.0 Business Continuation Plan
33.0 Social Media Policy
34.0 Internet Use Policy
35.0 DBS Policy
36.0 Prevent Policy
37.0 Safer Recruitment Policy
38.0 Student Attendance Policy
39.0 Critical Incident Procedure Policy
40.0 Administration of Medicines Policy
41.0 Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Policy
42.0 Staff Behaviour Policy
43.0 E Safety Policy
44.0 CCTV Policy
45.0 Records Management Policy
46.0 Assessment and Internal Verification Policy
47.0 Special Considerations and Reasonable Adjustments Policy
48.0 Conflict of Interest Policy
49.0 Learner Appeals Policy and Procedure
50.0 Registration and Certification Policy
51.0 Assessment Malpractice Policy
52.0 Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
53.0 Code of Conduct Policy
54.0 Dignity at Work Policy
55.0 First Aid at Work Policy
56.0 Management and Governance Policy
57.0 Terms and Conditions for Taught Students
58.0 Student Protection Plan
59.0 Refund and Compensation Policy for Higher Education
60.0 Exam Contingency Plan
61.0 Internal Appeals Policy
62.0 Freedom of Speech Policy
63.0 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom
64.0 Policy Development, Approval and Implementation Policy
65.0 Academic Governance Framework
66.0 Risk Management Policy
67.0 Value for Money Strategy
68.0 Blended Learning Policy
69.0 Access and Participation Statement
70.0 Employee Handbook