Public Policies and Documents

Higher Rhythm operates a wide range of policies and procedures to assure the quality of our services and provide an outstanding customer experience.

Within the table below is the list of our organisational policies. To access policies relevant to our Higher Education programme, please visit our Higher Education Policies and Procedures page. To access our policies relevant to our Further Education Programmes, please visit our Further Education Policies and Procedures page

If you have any questions about anything in these policies and procedures, please call 01302 327769 and ask to speak to our administrator.

Policy list

4.0Code of Practice on Harassment and Bullying
5.0Staff and Student Single Equality Scheme and Accessibility Plan
7.1Complaints Policy
7.2Allegations of Abuse against Staff Policy
9.0 (a)Health and Safety Policy Statement
9.1 (a) Health and Safety Organisations and Arrangements
9.1 (b)Health and Safety Policy
9.2 (a)Fire Safety Arrangements
9.11Managing Contractors Policy    
10.0Invoicing Policy
11.1Service Delivery Standards for Organisations
14.0Vulnerable Adults Protection Statement
17.0Data Protection / GDPR Compliant / FOIA Policy
22.0Work Experience Placement Policy
23.0Confidentiality Policy
26.0Equal Pay Policy
28.0Sustainable Development Policy
31.0Environmental Management System and Plan
34.1IT Acceptable Use Policy – staff version
34.2E-Safety Policy
35.0DBS Policy
36.0Prevent Policy
42.0Staff Behaviour Policy
43.0 CCTV Policy
54.0Code of Conduct Policy
56.0Whistle Blowing Policy
67.0Policy Development, Approval & Implementation Policy
71.0Blended Learning Policy