NCS Community Experiences

NCS Community Experiences

NCS Community Experiences is our 2 year project, funded through NCS. The grant is part of a significant £20m funding package that NCS Trust have awarded to organisations across England. These new experiences will complement NCS’ away from home residential offer, additionally engaging more teenagers in local activities. The grants will support organisations that cater to specific groups of young people who may not have participated in previous NCS initiatives. 

In collaboration with the National Youth Agency and StreetGames, NCS assessed more than 400 applications. Higher Rhythm was selected as one of around 100 organisations to receive funding. 

The project provides young people, 16-17 years old, with volunteering opportunities that develop skills while obtaining work experience. Furthermore, the project aims to broaden young people’s horizons and consider careers they may not have previously contemplated.

We will provide introductory activities and training to young people, familiarising them with the equipment and technology available. Following this, they will be tasked with creating and producing quality media and music content which will be publicly broadcast.

So, if you’re 16-17 years old and live in Doncaster then take a look at what you could gain as a result of getting involved;

Produce radio shows and engage in creative projects, including filmmaking and music production.

Gain hands-on experience designing, producing and presenting high-quality audio content in our professional radio station and recording studio

Work alongside our team of industry professionals who will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to pursue careers in creative industries.

Make a difference in your community and bring about positive change.

To get involved, please complete the expression of interest form below.