Plugged-In Doncaster

Plugged-In Doncaster

Plugged-In Doncaster is a project of Higher Rhythm funded by The National Lottery Community Fund

Structured as an 18-month project, Plugged-In Doncaster offers an exciting opportunity for people from Doncaster to access training and volunteer. A wide range of activities are on offer, focused around the music industry and community media.

This National Lottery Community Fund funded project focusses on nurturing community participation using creativity and volunteering opportunities.

The project aims to bring local people to work together. It provides an opportunity to learn, enjoy new experiences, and take active roles in delivering community music and media services for the wider community.

Through these activities, participants build stronger relationships with local communities. The project offers the following:

Bite-Size Volunteering

Introductory, flexible activities, which people can easily access with very little time commitment. Participants will develop basic skills using music technology and creative media equipment such as specialist hardware and computer software. They will then use these skills to produce something, before sharing this with others.

Industry Training

Participants will work towards authentic learning outcomes as part of structured training programmes. Training focuses on radio broadcast media, music technology, online tools and platforms, and creative technologies. The aim is to gain new, widely-transferable creative and digital skills.

Regular Volunteering 

Following training, participants will join a community of volunteers as radio presenters, reporters, producers, recording engineers or record label crew. Volunteers will deliver real services for the community and people from the community. Roles are as follows:

Radio Presenter

Present shows or features on Doncaster’s community radio station, Sine FM.

Community Reporter

Gather and produce news and info features for Sine FM.

Radio Producer

Create and produce pre-recorded features on Sine FM.

Studio Engineer

Assist in recording studio sessions, recording local music artists.

Digital Content Creator

Using digital platforms and online tools to support marketing campaigns with digital content and to promote and distribute digital music products.

If any of the above sounds like something you would love to do, get in touch using the form below

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