Did you know that we also have a Publishing arm?

As you might expect, we don’t operate like one of those big lumbering publishers with millions of tracks stuck on a shelf just in case someone wants to use a song about‚ well, rain, or something like that… Instead, we only want to take on music that we believe has a serious chance of generating royalties or getting synchronisations (TV, film, etc…)

Our publishing deal is under an agreement with one of the best UK based publishers in the game, non other than Sentric Music, to offer the very best, easy-in-easy-out opportunities for emerging music artists.

Everything is done by Single Song Assignments (SSAs) so we don’t sign you as a songwriter, we sign a specific song or songs, to give you more freedom.

Any publishing royalties due from an assigned song, say through airplay, are then collected on your behalf, and this is done WORLDWIDE as opposed to just in the UK which makes this publishing deal equal to any of the big names in terms of reach.

Your music is also matched against requests for music for TV, film, adverts, games etc… to try and gain synchronisation deals

For performance and mechanical royalties, you get 80% of net revenues generated and the remaining 20% is split between Higher Rhythm and Sentric. For synchronisations, you get 50% of net revenues generated and Higher Rhythm and Sentirc get 25% each. There you go, simple, and transparent, as you would expect from us.

The best bit is that if we aren’t successful in generating money from a song over a set period of time, you can cancel the deal with just 28 days written notice… and you cant say fairer than that.

If you are a songwriter and you think your music fits the bill, send us a link so we can have a listen to