Record Label

Circuit Records
is our own Record Label and just like everything else we do, its driven by passion not profit…


We support musicians to do what they do best through artistic freedom and our artist-roster spans across genres, disregarding fashion and conformity and we have invested in Yorkshire region music artists for over 10 years releasing music by acts such as UV Pop, Elephant Keys, The Beaus, The Carousels, Fallen Trees, and many more talented solo artists and bands along the way. 

We took the bold move (at the time) to go 100% digital an so were ahead of the curve of what has unfolded in the record industry over the past decade, pioneering new sales mechanisms such as text to pay and code based downloads, when stores such as iTunes were still in their infancy.

Circuit now distributes through
The Orchard the leading global independent digital distributor, so our releases hit over 650 store-fronts / platforms worldwide.