HUGE Support for Emerging Artists

Investment from Arts Council England allows us to support emerging artists in a number of ways and¬†our radio station Sine FM offers a powerful platform as part of this. We recently mined our data to get some new stats on this support for emerging artists; prepare to be amazed…

Last year we provided interviews / features for 377 emerging artists (yes, more than one a day!) helping them reach audiences of 414,700

41% of all music was by emerging artists which added up to 827 tracks weekly or a staggering 42,981 tracks annually!

We projected that 24% of emerging artist content was local, 26% was regional, 35% was national and 15% was international.

And when it came to show genres featuring emerging artists, electronic and urban shows featured 98%, indie / guitar shows featured 88% and roots / world shows featured 37%.

We are also committed to building on this so when it comes to helping artists reach new audiences, you can always rely on Sine FM for support