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Doncaster DAB digital radio multiplex

Doncaster DAB

Higher Rhythm has run community media services in Doncaster since 2007

Higher rhythm has run Sine FM, Doncaster’s community radio station for over 15 years. Over the past years we’ve also developed plans to run the DAB broadcasting service for the whole of Doncaster. This service will potentially carry over 20 local stations so that they are able to broadcast over DAB through our multiplex. 

In 2022, Ofcom advertised the opportunity to operate a Doncaster digital radio multiplex. We submitted the license application and were selected as the successful bidder for Doncaster. Doncaster DAB (DonDAB for short) is our initiative operating the DAB multiplex for Doncaster.

A DAB radio multiplex is a system hosting dozens of radio stations, allowing them to broadcast, over DAB, to the same geographic area. Previously, DAB multiplexes have been licensed across large areas, such as counties. Ofcom are now offering licenses to run DAB multiplexes in smaller areas such as single cities and towns. This allows each area to have its own mix of different radio stations. This can offer media that is more representative and relevant.

The City of Doncaster is currently underserved by locally relevant and locally produced media. A DAB multiplex in Doncaster will allow more local stations to operate and offer local listeners more choice. 
If you are operating a radio station or thinking of setting one up, and are interested in being carried on the Doncaster DAB multiplex, please complete the form below. Find out more about our application and further information about Doncaster DAB in the sidebar of this webpage.

Here are a few of the stations who have applied to broadcast through our DAB digital radio multiplex in Doncaster