The big Sine FM studio move attracts big help

We’ve been hatching BIG plans behind the scenes at Sine FM this year and as many of you might already know, we have now expanded our main radio studio into a new purpose designed space at XP School, Lakeside… and yes, it’s amazing!

A potentially costly part of this job was moving our uplink from the old station to the new premises, as this is something that needs professional support. That’s where local telecommunications company 8point8 answered the call…

8point8 are a dynamic company offering service to the mobile telecommunications and broadcast sectors. In a generous act of corporate social responsibility, they kindly offered to provide the expertise, staff and resources to carry out the relocation, free of charge.

Running a 24/7/365 radio station service takes relentless hard work (as our amazing team of local volunteer presenters know too well), so it’s good to know that when new challenges arise, there are local companies like 8point8 who are willing to give their time and resources to support a local good cause.

Visit to find out more about 8point8