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sine fm radio in doncaster

Sine FM is a licensed FM Radio Station based in Doncaster, Yorkshire, and broadcasting world-wide online via live stream and listen again

Sine offers an alternative to mainstream media and a voice for otherwise under represented radio content.

Sine FM is run by music fans, for music fans, with more than 70 presenters weekly, (including shows from genuine legends such  as Sister Bliss, the Hacienda’s Graeme Park, and Paul Van Dyke) playing you the music that they live and breathe.

We also increase audiences for music, art and culture through offering support and access to our radio platform for emerging and developing artists and other organisations.

Sine FM celebrates the Yorkshire region’s extraordinary artistic community via a radio station that offers exposure, collaboration and new opportunity, connecting with new audiences to promote creative, challenging content that presents the flip-side to standard media channels

(7 word mission)
Presenting Yorkshire’s extraordinary artistic community through radio

Additional to being a working radio station, Sine FM is also a leading provider of media industry training and volunteering opportunities, and the station’s 24/7/365 shows are presented exclusively by volunteers, covering every genre of music you can imagine, plus a range of other subjects and interests.


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