Important update about COVID-19, Higher Rhythm services adapted

COVID-19 Update: We have overhauled our diploma programmes to make sure we can continue to deliver them safely. This is in-line with Government and Public Health England’s Covid-19 recommendations from September 2020.

We’ve also identified the following advantages in our learning programmes. This offers potential benefits when compared to learning in larger institutions:

  • Our relatively small student community and our focus on learning delivered in smaller group sizes. (compared to larger numbers of learners in Colleges or Sixth Form environments). This reduces the risk of spreading infections person to person.
  • Our learners benefit from having a dedicated workstation, therefore reducing the risk of infections being spread indirectly. This compares favourably against widely-shared learner computers used in many learning institutions.
  • We have developed a bespoke online learning platform, which will allow learners on all courses a more flexible way to complete their learning. This offers an alternative to physically attending sessions, where necessary.
  • Studying in small work groups in our real industry setting also allows more of the vital hands-on time needed to develop a high degree of practical competence. Our vast array of industry level kit means you get to use the same gear professionals do (not the hobbyist stuff!)

We will add tall and adapt this COVID-19 update periodically.

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