Bid to Ofcom to bring exciting new digital radio services to the city of Doncaster, a success!

Doncaster DAB digital radio broadcasting

Higher Rhythm have successfully bid to communications regulator Ofcom to establish a DAB digital radio broadcasting service for Doncaster.

A DAB multiplex is a system hosting many radio stations, allowing each to broadcast over DAB to the same area. Previously, DAB multiplexes have been licensed across large areas, such as counties. Ofcom are now offering licenses to run DAB multiplexes in smaller areas such as single cities. 

Higher Rhythm will hold the license for and run Doncaster DAB, Doncaster’s digital radio multiplex. This will allow existing and new radio stations to broadcast over DAB across the whole borough.

Doncaster DAB will expand the choice of digital radio channels locally. This will therefore provide media that’s more representative and relevant to the broadest range of local audiences.

We already have commitments from existing Doncaster stations such as (our own) Sine FM, TX1 and TMCR, to join the multiplex. We also have commitments from stations from outside Doncaster, such as UK Asian station Radio Sangam. The broadcast media landscape is set to change hugely when this new digital radio broadcasting service is launched. This is therefore a big win for the city of Doncaster.

Organisations who want to start their own station, can submit proposals to join Doncaster DAB. There are just a few more available slots remaining on the multiplex.

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