Exciting new commission: Doncaster Sound Memories on Tour exhibition

We’re excited to announce our new exhibition “Doncaster Sound Memories On Tour” commissioned by the DMBC culture team.

The “Doncaster Sound Memories On Tour” exhibition will use vacant space in Doncaster city centre. Each location will feature a colour ‘block image’ of a famous music artist, and a short story about a local person’s encounter with that music artist in Doncaster. The collection of images will feature exhibition branding. A QR code will also enable easy interaction to find out more.

The exhibition is interactive, and will unfold in individual pieces as people walk around the city centre. Every piece will create an inspirational impression of Doncaster, linking famous music artists with local venues.

We have completed a large public exhibition entitled Doncaster Sound Memories wrapped around the corner of the Higher Rhythm building. This exhibition consists of 24 stories of encounters with famous music artists in Doncaster by local people alongside 1m x 1m colour block illustration of the relevant music artist.

Over the years, people have told us some incredible stories about encounters they’ve had with music artists in Doncaster. Doncaster Sound Memories exists to celebrate and preserve these stories about local musical history. Peoples’ personal interactions with music artists offers a truly locally rooted peer to peer sharing of stories of art and culture.

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