Professional Support and Free Studio Time for Emerging Music Artists

Throughout 2018 we will deliver a project funded by PRS Foundation, engaging developing / emerging level music creators from Yorkshire. This artist development programme will be led by established professional music creators. Participants will receive free studio time and learn directly from industry professionals.

These creators will typically be at the developing and emerging stages of their career. Typically the artists will already potentially playing gigs, releasing demos and have a basic web presence. This programme aims to refine fill knowledge gaps to support the transition from being ‘hobbyists’ to professionals.

Participants will develop their knowledge of music production to industry standards.  creating higher quality videos, self-promoting using online tools and radio, managing royalty collections, and generating revenues by taking music to market via digital platforms. Each act will access free studio time. They will produce a recording to release quality and then release the recorded music.

This support will be structured around group and one-to-one sessions. Ultimately participants will reach wider fan-bases to sell music to, access better quality gigs. They will also achieve greater media / radio exposure to build their profile, supporting their short and longer term development.

Free studio time PRS Foundation

Higher Rhythm Ltd is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund